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A Colorado Grassroots Initiative

We are a Made in USA (Colorado and California) Manufacturer of Outerwear - We Design in Mountains - We Live in the Mountains - Our Outerwear Performs Anywhere - Our Design, Test and Playground begins at 10,000 Elevation and rises to 14,400+

The original company name Freeride Systems originates from the freeride form of many activities found in skiing, mountain biking, motorcycling, etc. These are not necessarily competitive activities against others.  The Prospect Pants Co. name originates from a mountain located in the historic mining district of Leadville, Colorado in addition to the positive connotation derived from the word "prospect". Leadville and much of the economies of Colorado were founded on prospecting and mining. In modern times, many of the economies of Colorado are derived from mountain sports and most recently from freeride sports in the same mountains the original 1800's prospectors worked and lived.  Freeride Systems has a sister brand named Fulsus USA also made in Colorado .

FRS/PPC are companies formed by Michael Collins under a single parent Colorado LLC to transact sales of its Colorado Made apparel and gear lines. FRS/PPC products are designed in the mountains (10,200' elev +) to rigorous standards in extreme conditions so that they may perform for customers anywhere. FRS/PPC takes a very active roll in philanthropy and charitable initiatives through donations and volunteer work. 

FRS/PPC were born initially from webbing based products designed to make travel more efficient in slack, hike to, side, and yo yo country for skiers and snowboarders. From the initial products and the skills of the original sewing team new products were born. In early 2011, FRS/PPC engaged professional industry design engineers to work side by side with Collins on perfecting several designs that would become the staples for the 2011 FRS/PPC lines. These new lines consist of jackets, short pants, and long pants all sewn domestically in Colorado and California with materials primarily sourced from the USA. There are some products whereby materials must be acquired from international sources via domestic USA distributors. FRS/PPC will always attempt to create 100% Made in USA products first. However, in current times of international trade agreements and globalization, the USA has allowed many facets of production to move overseas and some fabrics and materials are only available from international producers. 

FRS/PPC works  with mountain professionals to improve comfort, performance, and durability.  e.g. Search and Rescue, Police, Ski Patrol, etc. FRS/PPC operates from a small corporate office and workshop in Leadville, Colorado USA at 10,200’ elevation and the highest incorporated city in America. A Denver field office was also opened in 2011. FRS/PPC products are sewn in multiple locations throughout Colorado and California.