Threads for Shreds Jacket Trade In Rules

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2018-2019 Season Threads for Shreds Jacket Trade In Rules

Earn from $50 to $250 for your old jacket when traded in for a new Freeride Systems Jacket


1. Notify Freeride Systems Trade In Coordinator in Advance of your desire to trade in a jacket.  Notification request should be sent using our "Contact" page form Please state the style name of the Freeride Jacket you intend to buy and reference "Threads for Shreds Trade In" in subject line.  Include your email address.  Wait for our return email, then:

2. Send pictures of your trade, estimated age of trade, brand name, model name if possible and description of condition. Please note repairs, damage, smells,stains, zipper functionality and any other important information. All zippers must be functioning smoothly.  Generally speaking we can deal with rips and tears but smells and pet hair are a deal killer.  Please remove smells and pet hair before sending your trade.

3. Freeride Trade Coordinator will tender an offer to  you via email which contains an Actual Cash Value for your trade. If the $dollar amount is satisfactory to you, mail us your jacket using delivery confirmation. We will provide you are mailing address at that time.  Upon receipt of your jacket, Freeride's coodinator will email you a Product discount code that will equal the Actual Cash Value. You pay for postage to Freeride's offices for your trade . Please insure your parcel and request delivery receipt and submit a tracking number to program coordinator. If there is a discrepancy regarding condition, Freeride reserves the right to send your jacket back to you. So, good pictures and communication are key.  We have had this happen almost zero times so the program usually has no to few surprises for you the customer.

4. Upon receipt of your discount code you need to complete the checkout process within 14 days. If you cannot complete the checkout process, you can mail a check, money order, or paypal to recover return postage of your garment. If you leave your garment for over 60 days without paying for return postage it will be considered abandoned. Your jacket will be donated and you will not receive any proceeds or credit.

5.  We will make a product in our online store called "return postage" where you can pay and complete the transaction for the return of your garment with credit card or paypal. We will ship your garment USPS Priority Mail back to you. The charge is for a Large flat rate priority mail box. Please do not ask us to stuff your jacket into a too small tiny box to save a couple of dollars.

6. These are the rules of the Threads for Shreds Jacket trade in program. Freeride Systems reserves the right to change or update the rules as needed. By participating in this process you agree to follow these rules.

7. This program was used effectively last season 2017-2018. 

8. Please ask all questions in advance through our "Contact Us" heading link at bottom of most pages.